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"smoky vocals and gorgeous guitar work, offers a glossy, atmospheric sound"

— Ed Symkus, Metro West Daily News.

"Keep that in mind as you listen. Instrumentally, their brilliance lies in what lies beneath the threshold of hearing, the eerie subliminal messages in their songs without lyrics. Close your eyes and imagine you’re at a concert – or go to a live one."

— Rainey Wetnight, Blues Blast Magazine. 

Bees Deluxe is a band that set out to yank blues into the 21st century, with guitar inspired by Jimi Hendrix and music influenced by a panoply of jazz, blues and rock artists.

— Jay N. Miller, The Patriot Ledger

You only have to look at the song titles to see that you do not have to deal with an average blues band here. And that also applies to the musical plane. It is almost impossible to stick a musical label on the Bees Deluxe from Boston. They keep it on "acid bluesband" but I think that term is far too limited. Personally, I think it's great when a band throws all sorts of music styles into a blender and makes it unique. And that certainly happens on this album!

— Peter Marinus, Blues Magazine

what might happen if Freddie King took a lot of acid then wrote a song with Pat Metheny and asked a strung-out Stevie Ray Vaughan to take a solo

— Blues Blast Magazine

Solid vocals surrounded by a tight band, and check out the tones he gets out of his guitar; this cat can play.    

—  A.J. Wachtel

showcasing their undoubted high-class musicianship. It’s all blues music, just with a different coating that makes this band stand out from the rest.
—  Colin Campbell, Blues Matters!

The record is incredibly pleasing, perhaps taking center stage at a hip Manhattan party, or mellowing down easy in the comfort of your own home with a big cocktail or two. 

— Karen Nugent, Boston Blues Society


what an incredible voyage it was. One to be taken over and over, each time revealing some new nuance in this mind enriching musical gem. 

— Greg "Bluesdog" Szalony, Blues Blast Magazine 


Bees Deluxe, effortlessly incorporates American blues, R&B, British Invasion and soul in to a hearty amalgam of guitar driven rock & roll that shakes and stirs. 
— Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine 


unquestionably unique; acid blues at its finest, dripping with virtuosity 
— A J Wachtel, Boston Blues Society 


I have to recommend Bees Deluxe to music enthusiasts who appreciate strong musicians 
— Georgetown Fats 


Bees Deluxe have found an important niche for themselves in the greater-Boston blues scene. 
— Bill Copeland, Bill Copeland Music News 


bluesy stuff. Jazz predominates, yet the blues, funk and lots of rock are there. If your taste in music is broad and have an open mind to new stuff, you will enjoy this CD as I did. 
— Steve Jones, President of the Crossroads Blues Society 


the music is intense – good – and difficult to write about
— Lady K, Boston Blues Society 


Hendrixesque acid blues fills on a number like his “I’m a Corpse part 2” are proof positive that the band isn’t afraid to mix the brazen with the sedate. This combo is pushing the boundaries and are, in that sense, a band apart. 
— Francid DiMenno, The Noise 


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