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Bees Deluxe Back Catalog

Hallucinate Don't Touch That Dial! - live at WUML  |  CD EP  |  Nitro  | 
Mouthful of Bees  |   Voice of Dog  |  Speechless {the instrumentals}


The Bees Deluxe EP CD Featuring:
Wherever You Hide
End of the World
Start It Up
Song No. 9
(instrumental mix)

Produced by Joe Egan 

Order the new EP here - only $10 (includes p+p).

"Then there’s the new self-titled four-song EP from Bees Deluxe (Conrad Warre, guitar, vocals; Carol Band, keys, vocals; Allyn Dorr, bass, vocals; Paul Giovine, drums), with two new tunes, a cover, and one reworking of an older song.

The opener, “Wherever You Hide,” featuring Warre’s smoky vocals and gorgeous guitar work, offers a glossy, atmospheric sound and, with the lyrics “Wherever you hide, I’ll find you,” is either a devoted love song or an exercise in creepiness.

On “End of the World,” it’s Band taking over on vocals, and moving things along with her piano work out front and organ in the background. It’s a gloomy yet sing-songy telling of things going bad before they get even worse, but never revealing what they are.

The Bees Deluxe cover of Robben Ford’s bluesy and melodic “Start It Up” gives the song a whole new groove, infusing it with a different energy, making it funkier and even bluesier than the original. Band plays one of her best and busiest organ solos, and Warre contributes both a powerful and emotional vocal along with a selection of very cool varying guitar tones.

As the quartet has done in the past, they re-approach a selection from an earlier album – in this case “Song No. 9,” from 2018’s “Voice of Dog” – and reinvent it. The vocals are gone, and it’s now a big, screaming, guitar-driven instrumental. Another main difference is that the original’s raggedy, scratchy ending has been replaced by a far calmer one. The biggest difference in the two versions is that on this one, you can be the lead singer."

Ed Symkus, Metro West Daily News


"Nitro" featuring Poogie Bell on drums and original artwork by Wendy Brusick.

Produced by Joe Egan. 

Available at: 

Spotify  iTunes  and  Amazon   

Order the new EP here - only $11 (includes p+p).


Bees Deluxe embrace a classic rock sound on the jazz-infused splendor of “Nitro”. With just the right mixture of jazz-rock fusion with a hint of the blues thrown in for good measure, the song is completely addictive with its infectious hook. Instrumentally vibrant the whole band listens to each other in a way that feels completely vivid and real. Vocals further emphasize this sort of ambling attitude. Never rushing things, they choose to take their time with a mellow, laid-back tempo that works wonders in creating a satisfyingly soothing mood. Drums have just the right kick to them courtesy of Poogie Bell’s work. 

Not a moment is wasted for they dive right into the gorgeous sound. Every single flourish matters significantly while they craft an entire world. Lyricism has just the right level of playfulness to it while it feels nearly poetic in its beauty. Guitars have a funky element to them while they merge flawlessly with the bass work. The evolution of the groove further heightens the sense of purpose that the song presents. By choosing such a unique approach, they deliver a sound that defies easy categorization. What can be said is that the warm, inviting take proves that they are group that really avoids pigeonholing for a unique voice.

“Nitro” shows off the undeniable chops of Bees Deluxe in crafting a piece of work that feels so timeless.

— Skope Magazine July 2020. 

Bees Deluxe jam something sweet in new single "Nitro"

Sending us to a much-needed weekend, Boston’s Bees Deluxe jams something sweet in the group’s new single “Nitro” featuring the chops of drummer, producer, composer Poogie Bell who keeps a delicious groove going. “Nitro” features bluesy guitar licks and smooth vocals that soothe and mesmerize, something like sparkly spilled honey. The track has a fun Southern feel to it: a relaxed summer single that whisks us away to a place of comfort, maybe somewhere where we can dance alone. Is the world a better place with music in it? When you listen to “Nitro,” it sure seems that way

— Rene Cobar, The Deli Magazine 2020. 


mouthful of bees

1    Voodoo Doll     
2    Damn Your Eyes     

3    Prison of Love     

4    Bad Influence     

5    Walking Out     

6    I Wouldn’t Treat a Dog       

       (The Way You Treated Me)  

7    For the Love of a Woman     

8    Homework   

9    Palace of the King     

10   Blue + Yellow

Only $20 includes p+p (anywhere in the known universe). 


"Full disclosure: You have to be a certain type of blues fan, and a certain type of acid-rock fan, to be all abuzz about Boston’s Bees Deluxe. Ever heard Tim Wilson’s “Acid Country?” Mouthful of Bees is acid blues. Fortunately for devotees of the classic variety, in the course of ten tracks, they present covers such as Etta James’ “Damn Your Eyes,” Bobby Bland’s “I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me),” and Earl Green’s “Homework.” Their overall oeuvre may be deemed eclectic, experimental, and definitely post-Gen-X.

         Mouthful of Bees demonstrates what it means to uncover songs – to discover their esoteric meanings – as well as to cover them!"

— R. Wetnight, Blues Blast Magazine. 

"With “Mouthful of Bees,” blues favorites Bees Deluxe have delivered a straight shot of good bourbon: an album that’s excellently played with enough of a rough edge to feel authentic. Mixing covers with original material, the album has a breezy feel, reveling in the blues in such a way that’s cathartic. "

— Victor D. Infante, Worcester Magazine. 

"The whole album is refreshing to hear as these folks obey few of the traditions most current blues bands adhere to. The blues “Fun Police” would simply not allow some of the abstractions Bees Deluxe throw in their music, I guess that’s what earns their title as an “acid blues” band. This is all blues, it’s just from a different perspective. I like it."
— Bob Monteleone, Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine

"showcasing their undoubted high-class musicianship. It’s all blues music, just with a different coating that makes this band stand out from the rest."
—  Colin Campbell, Blues Matters!

"The album "Mouthful of Bees" by Boston-based acid-blues band Bees Deluxe really just confirms that we have stepped deep into the second decade of the 21st century. The Boston blues scene hasn't had anything like them for a long time. Namely, this band and this album are not intended for a wide audience. The question is really how much we are ready to repress our long-established preferences and habits, how much we are ready for new presentation forms. Personally, I have no problem with that, indeed!" 

— Mladen Loncar, Sound Guardian Magazine.

"This band means business and I like what they are selling!"
— AJ Wachtel

Album credits: Carol Band: Keyboards, Harmonica & Vocals. Allyn Dorr: Bass & Vocals.
Paul Giovine: Drums & Percussion. Conrad Warre: Guitar & Vocals. Mastered by Joe Idzal.
Photography by Zoe Warre. Recorded & Mixed by Joe Egan. Produced by Egan & Warre.

ASCAP © All Rights Reserved 2018

Voice of Dog 

    1    Song No. 9

    2    Beer
   3    All Miles
   4    Industrial (espionage)
   5    Fake Instrumental
   6    Flat Earth Conspiracy
   7    Blues for Cameroon
   8    Strange Matter
   9    Spaghetti Western
  10    You Say Red 
   11    Imaginary Conversation between
           Björk & Buddy Guy

All music & lyrics Warre, except track #11 
by Warre & Egan.

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voice of dog

"The folks who comprise the Boston-based Bees Deluxe call their brand of music “Acid Blues,” and that’s a good place to start, but that ain’t the half of it.  The band explores a myriad of influences on their latest, “Voice Of Dog.”  Conrad Warre is on guitar, coaxing an unbelievable array of tones and sounds over this set, with Carol Band on keys, Aldo Dorr on bass, Patrick Sanders on drums, and Rosy Rosenblatt guesting on the harp.

Those aforementioned influences include the Afro-Cuban rhythms of Mongo Santamaria, the stylings of bassist Jaco Pastorius, and even saxman Paul Desmond.  It’s all mixed with a dose of traditional Chicago blues and a little British Invasion, but they are liable to hit you with just about anything.  Check out the jazzy, spaced-out “Fake Instrumental,” featuring Rosy’s harp dancing around Conrad’s deft lead lines.  You gotta love one of the set’s few vocals, the all-in-fun “Flat Earth Conspiracy,” a trip-hoppish number that flies in the face of all things logical, even insisting “the moon is made of green cheese and is six feet wide!”  Rosy’s on hand again for the guitar-harp interplay of “Spaghetti Western,” an instrumental that simply begs for The Man With No Name to make one last, glorious stand!  “You Say Red” is an example of the Brit influence, with Carol’s organ making a cool statement as our hero is continually at polar opposites with a lover.  By far, tho, our favorite had to be a blissful, sprawling, ten-minute instrumental cleverly-entitled “A Conversation With Bjork And Buddy Guy,” featuring a string section and Conrad riffing on excellent Chicago-styled blues with a hint of Ronnie Earl.

Fans, Bees Deluxe is sho’ nuff a piece of work, and that ain’t no lie.  But, if you’re not afraid to take a chance on a group of accomplished musicians doing things a little bit differently, then put on your avant-garde hat and dig “Voice Of Dog.”  Until next time"
Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

"Guitarist Conrad Warre, a regular on the stage at CBGB’s and other New York rock clubs in the ’80s, has toured with artists such as Joe Jackson, The English Beat and the Specials. Now, fronting Bees Deluxe, he delivers an arresting brand of “acid blues,” as illustrated on the band’s recent album, “Voice of Dog.” Songs such as “Beer,” “Song No. 9″ and “Industrial (Espionage)” have a classic blues feel to them, but there’s an ineffable modern edge to them immediate and fresh."
Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram.

"You just have to look at the song titles to see that you are not dealing with an average blues band here. And that also applies to the musical plane. It is almost impossible to put a musical label on the band Bees Deluxe from Boston. They keep it to “acid blues band” themselves, but I think that term is far too limited. Personally, I think it's great when a band throws all kinds of music styles in a blender and makes something of their own. And that certainly happens on this album! The band consists of Carol Band on keys, Allyn “Aldo” Dorr on bass, Patrick Sanders on drums and percussion and Conrad Warre on guitar and vocals.


The album opens with Song No. 9, a languid bluesrock song but with absolutely no standard blueslicks but with the necessary references to the work of Steely Dan and Frank Zappa with the hard-piercing guitar work of Warre in the lead role. Richard “Rosy” Rosenblatt is a guest on harmonica in Beer. If you don't get thirsty from this song, I don't remember either. "I Need you, but I want a beer, I want you but I need a beer". This in a loom J.J. Cale-like song with howling harmonica. All Miles is also a relaxed rocking song in the J.J. Cale / Mark Knopfler street with jazzy guitar work that can also sing in the best Jeff “Skunk” Baxter tradition. Zappa also secretly looks around a corner in this instrumental. Industrial (Espionage) again makes it difficult for me. What do you call this style? You hear Mike Stern-esque guitar work bouncing over lazy synthesizer. Symphoblues? Progblues? Flat Earth Conspiracy is another lazy funky blues song full of ingenious breaks, which in turn provide a prog rock edge a la King Crimson. Partly due to the heavily distorted Robert Fripp-like guitar work. In Blues For Cameroon we go on the semi-acoustic Afro tour in which Brazilian samba sounds can also be heard. In the funky Fake Instrumental, the blues fusion and prog rock are lumped together again with bluesy harmonica and adventurous guitar work. But why "fake" instrumental? Guest drummer Colin Rosso can be heard in Strange Matter. A song, which is also difficult to describe. You hear fragments of Dire Straits, King Crimson, Steely Dan and blues passing by. Don't expect Ennio Morricone-esque music in Spaghetti Western. What you do get is the crying harmonica of Richard “Rosy” Rosenblutt and lazy jazzy guitar work. You can best describe You Say Red as a Steely Dan boogie. And Bees Deluxe closes the album in a way that only they could have come up with. Take that title alone, Imaginary Conversation Between Björk And Buddy Guy! In this ten-minute instrumental you will hear Warre show his skills on the guitar over a floating synthesizer bed."
Peter Marinus, Blues Magazine. 

Voice of Dog was produced, recorded & mixed by Joe Egan and co-produced by Conrad Warre. The band's album members are as follows: Carol Band on keyboards, Allyn “Aldo” Dorr on bass, Patrick Sanders on drums & percussion, Warre on guitar & vocals, with special guest musical appearances from: Richard “Rosy’ Rosenblatt on harmonica, Colin Rosso & Paul Giovine on drums, and Tad McKitterick & Jonn Smith (of Sidewalk Driver) on background vocals.

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