mouthful of bees

1    Voodoo Doll     
2    Damn Your Eyes     

3    Prison of Love     

4    Bad Influence     

5    Walking Out     

6    I Wouldn’t Treat a Dog       

       (The Way You Treated Me)  

7    For the Love of a Woman     

8    Homework   

9    Palace of the King     

10   Blue + Yellow

$20 includes p+p (anywhere in the known universe). 

For sale at shows for only $10

Album credits: Carol Band: Keyboards, Harmonica & Vocals. Allyn Dorr: Bass & Vocals.
Paul Giovine: Drums & Percussion. Conrad Warre: Guitar & Vocals. Mastered by Joe Idzal.
Photography by Zoe Warre. Recorded & Mixed by Joe Egan. Produced by Egan & Warre. 

ASCAP © All Rights Reserved 2018

"By far, tho, our favorite had to be a blissful, sprawling, ten-minute instrumental cleverly-entitled “A Conversation With Bjork And Buddy Guy,” featuring a string section and Conrad riffing on excellent Chicago-styled blues with a hint of Ronnie Earl." — From a review of Voice of Dog by Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

Voice of Dog 

    1    Song No. 9

    2    Beer
    3    All Miles
    4    Industrial (espionage)
    5    Fake Instrumental
    6    Flat Earth Conspiracy
    7    Blues for Cameroon
    8    Strange Matter
    9    Spaghetti Western
  10    You Say Red 
   11    Imaginary Conversation between Björk & Buddy Guy

All music & lyrics Warre, except track #11 by Warre & Egan.

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voice of dog
a true story of all original acid blues songs & tunes

Voice of Dog was produced, recorded & mixed by Joe Egan and co-produced by Conrad Warre. The band's album members are as follows: Carol Band on keyboards, Allyn “Aldo” Dorr on bass, Patrick Sanders on drums & percussion, Warre on guitar & vocals, with special guest musical appearances from: Richard “Rosy’ Rosenblatt on harmonica, Colin Rosso & Paul Giovine on drums, and Tad McKitterick & Jonn Smith (of Sidewalk Driver) on background vocals.

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