mouthful of bees

1    Voodoo Doll     
2    Damn Your Eyes     

3    Prison of Love     

4    Bad Influence     

5    Walking Out     

6    I Wouldn’t Treat a Dog       

       (The Way You Treated Me)  

7    For the Love of a Woman     

8    Homework   

9    Palace of the King     

10   Blue + Yellow

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"With “Mouthful of Bees,” blues favorites Bees Deluxe have delivered a straight shot of good bourbon: an album that’s excellently played with enough of a rough edge to feel authentic. Mixing covers with original material, the album has a breezy feel, reveling in the blues in such a way that’s cathartic. "

— Victor D. Infante, Worcester Magazine. 

"The whole album is refreshing to hear as these folks obey few of the traditions most current blues bands adhere to. The blues “Fun Police” would simply not allow some of the abstractions Bees Deluxe throw in their music, I guess that’s what earns their title as an “acid blues” band. This is all blues, it’s just from a different perspective. I like it."
— Bob Monteleone, Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine

"The album "Mouthful of Bees" by Boston-based acid-blues band Bees Deluxe really just confirms that we have stepped deep into the second decade of the 21st century. The Boston blues scene hasn't had anything like them for a long time. Namely, this band and this album are not intended for a wide audience. The question is really how much we are ready to repress our long-established preferences and habits, how much we are ready for new presentation forms. Personally, I have no problem with that, indeed!" 

— Mladen Loncar, Sound Guardian Magazine.


Album credits: Carol Band: Keyboards, Harmonica & Vocals. Allyn Dorr: Bass & Vocals.
Paul Giovine: Drums & Percussion. Conrad Warre: Guitar & Vocals. Mastered by Joe Idzal.
Photography by Zoe Warre. Recorded & Mixed by Joe Egan. Produced by Egan & Warre. 

ASCAP © All Rights Reserved 2018

"By far, tho, our favorite had to be a blissful, sprawling, ten-minute instrumental cleverly-entitled “A Conversation With Bjork And Buddy Guy,” featuring a string section and Conrad riffing on excellent Chicago-styled blues with a hint of Ronnie Earl." — From a review of Voice of Dog by Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

Voice of Dog 

    1    Song No. 9

    2    Beer
    3    All Miles
    4    Industrial (espionage)
    5    Fake Instrumental
    6    Flat Earth Conspiracy
    7    Blues for Cameroon
    8    Strange Matter
    9    Spaghetti Western
  10    You Say Red 
   11    Imaginary Conversation between Björk & Buddy Guy

All music & lyrics Warre, except track #11 by Warre & Egan.

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voice of dog
a true story of all original acid blues songs & tunes

Voice of Dog was produced, recorded & mixed by Joe Egan and co-produced by Conrad Warre. The band's album members are as follows: Carol Band on keyboards, Allyn “Aldo” Dorr on bass, Patrick Sanders on drums & percussion, Warre on guitar & vocals, with special guest musical appearances from: Richard “Rosy’ Rosenblatt on harmonica, Colin Rosso & Paul Giovine on drums, and Tad McKitterick & Jonn Smith (of Sidewalk Driver) on background vocals.

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