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Hallucinate - by Bees Deluxe

1    Sharkskin Suit

2    When Is Yesterday

3    Another Close Shave

4    Scared

5    Queen Midas

6    How to Play 96 Tears

7    Nitro

8    Call Me Frank

9    Men & Women

10   Gary Burton’s ex-Guitar Player Stole My Highschool Girlfriend

       And Now I Can’t Stop Dreaming About Her

11   Houdini

12   What’s Wrong With Me?

Carol Band: keyboards,vocals & harmonica

Poogie Bell: drums (Nitro)

Allyn Dorr: bass & vocals

Jared Egan: guitar (Sharkskin Suit)

Joe Egan: keyboards & manuscripts

James Gildea: bass & vocals

Paul Giovine: drums & percussion

Adam Sankowski: bass guitar

Conrad Warre: guitar, bass, vocals, trumpet,

kaossilator, strings & keyboards

This album is dedicated to the memory of JR Rost. 

Produced & Mixed by Joe Egan, Tight Squeeze Studios.
Front Cover Art 'Lady in Waiting' by Wendy Brusick.
Executive Producer Conrad Warre.

Basics recordings & mastered by Joe Idzal, All Things Audio.

All songs & music by C. Warre, except track 6 ‘How to Play 96 Tears’

by Carol Band. Designed & Published by Carbonmind

Music, ASCAP.



Unauthorized duplication or sales will result in our haunting your dreams and following you in a Goodyear blimp until you beg us to stop.

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"Hallucinate" CD only $20 (includes p+p)

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"Hallucinate" CD only $20 (includes p+p)

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